High school graduate Audrey Sanders had plenty to look forward to. With her university acceptance secured, everything seemed to be in order — until a car accident that should have killed her.

Now, her plans are on hold and everything has changed. Her senses are overbearing, leaving her feeling hopeless. The warmth of humans, their alluring scent and the tantalizing taste of them in the air… it all clouds her ability to merge back into society.

And there are dangers waiting in the dark while she is vulnerable: an old hatred has its sights on her. As the threat of this new, dangerous world envelops her, her unique upbringing adds a twist that nobody expects.

Audrey Sanders has been busy adjusting to her life as a vampire after surviving an attack from a lost elven Prince. Before that, she had just graduated high school, believing that she was a regular teenager until a car accident gave her a dose of reality that she wasn't prepared for: she has always been a witch, the magic that is ingrained in her blood hidden from her until now.
When she is given a command from a Chamber member of the United States to turn more witches into vampires, Audrey starts vetting those willing to volunteer despite the risk of death. She also begins to explore her new bonds with her familiars, otherwise known as powerful lycanthropes who hold their own power in the supernatural world.
But new magic hasn’t been around for centuries, and Audrey’s is causing tremors in the paranormal world. No one is prepared for what she is capable of as she explores new bonds during conflict. Meanwhile, another force stands against her, the result of a past mistake. It threatens her family, her mate, and the lycanthropes with whom she’s bonded to. Can she make peace, or is safety, like normality, something she can never get back?